Our Signature Program

Comprehensive Transitional Housing Program

New Life Transitional Home offers a comprehensive transitional housing program with extensive services, which includes coordinated case management, life skills, parenting and referral services. We accomplish this work with out partner network, each specializing in its area of service with overall coordination by the NLTH team. The program length can range from one to two years. Each participant's needs will be assessed and a customized plan of care will be developed when accepted into the program, followed by weekly check-ins to track progress.


Safe and Stable Housing

Each participant will receive a minimum 12-month residency at one of NLTH's homes with private quarters and a community space.

Coordinated Case Management

Assess, manage and encourage each participant to keep them on track with their customized plan of care. 

Like Skills Training

Sessions cover the critical independence skills including parenting, financial literacy, stress-time management and more.

Education Paths

Based on the participants interests and aptitude they will be tracked into a GED, vocational or traditional college program.


Participants will receive 1:1 and/ or group substance use and mental health counseling based on the assessment and plan of care. 

Workforce Tracks

Career exposure opportunities, soft skills trainings and job placement opportunities will be provided to participants that are eligible.

Join Our Network for Change

As the old adage states "it takes a village". We can not do this important work without our community partners and volunteers who share freely of their time and talent to improve the lives of the women we serve. We encourage you to get involved. Click below and start your process to join this incredible network for change.

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