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Thank you taking the time to visit our website. At New Life Transitional Home, we rely on our friends and partners to complete this important work providing women in recovery the support they need to thrive and fly. 

Learn more about our comprehensive program and approach to the care of these women who are mothers, daughters and sisters with dreams and goals as they journey from broken to healed to healthy. Join us to fulfill our mission by signing up for our newsletter, volunteering or becoming a partner. 


Angela Harris

Executive Director/ Founder/ Victor

Let's Shift the Tide Together

New Life Transitional Home is an inclusive, comprehensive program devoted to ensure every woman has the support she needs to boldly begin a life of independence. Our program offers safe, stable housing for a minimum 12 month residence coupled with proven recovery supports through a network of consistent, quality resources to prepare each women for a sober, productive, healthy lifestyle in a supportive environment. We address the glaring gaps in the existing recidivism and recovery landscape interrupting the trauma cycle. 

Let's embrace these courageous women and walk alongside them on their journey from broken to healed to healthy. Your prayers, service and support are pivotal to their success.  

The Need
Women are the Fastest Growing prison population
suffer from a history of physical or sexual abuse
struggle with substance use disorder (SUD)
relapse within a year after a SUD recovery program
Increase in female incarceration levels
Our Philosophy
Starts with Safe, Stable and Supportive Housing
Assessment & Care Plan

Critical Life Skills

Education & Career

Counseling & Self Care
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