New Life Transitional Home is an inclusive, accepting environment devoted to ensure every women has extensive supports to become self-sufficient, lead a sober lifestyle and are prepared to live a productive, healthy future. Our founder has first-hand knowledge of the grueling hill and valleys of the journey from broken to healed to healthy. The New Life approach touches at the heart of this ongoing daily struggle that extends from internal and external elements. With compassion, patience and understanding we proactively address every potential barrier to success so every woman can spread her wings. Our main goal is to combat recidivism and reclaim these women's lives. 

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Our founder

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Our Founder, Angela Harris, once endured the difficult process that the women she now serves experience and came out of the storm victorious. She wants the same end result for the women of New Life Transitional Home. Her journey from broken to healed to healthy had many twists and turns some due to external factors outside of her control and other due to her own bad decisions. Through it all, she never gave up on herself and fought hard to reclaim her life.

Angela's path to independence started when she made the choice to take her life back. Many individuals and organizations played pivotal roles along the way, in particular Lydia House, a ministry of First Orlando Baptist Church where Angela received the encouragement and support she needed to overcome addiction and step out on her own. Soon after her discharge from Lydia House, Angela quickly realized there was much more to be done and began to chart the gaps in care at this stage of recovery. 

Out of her own frustration and pain of losing her first son - Pierre Harris - to substance abuse, New Life Transitional Home was birthed. In his honor, Angela was laser focused on creating a program to offer a safe place for women to provide a long-term difference in a community that suffers from short-term results and dangerous repetitive patterns. 

Angela has overcome many obstacles including drug addition, sexual trauma and the loss of her parental rights. She has fought hard in succeeding in her life and seeks to extend a hand, as well as, being influential to women in recovery  who have temporarily fallen and are trying to reclaim their lives.

Our Mission

To offer transitional housing for women in Central Florida area as we provide ongoing support, encouragement and structure to assist them in pursuing a clean and sober lifestyle, rooted in Jesus Christ

Our Vision

To provide women in the Central Florida area with the tools, resources, housing, advocacy, and support they need to live an independent, sober, and healthy life.